34 Van Eck Dr, Ferrobank, Witbank
+2713 590 6739 sales@afrigrit.co.za

What you need to know about us


A little about us

Afrigrit was established in 1996 by founder Pat Pick and his three sons Marius, Etienne and Vickus. Since our humble beginnings, we soon realized that it doesn’t matter where you are in life, what matters the most is in which direction you are moving. Superior Quality & Continual Improvements have placed AFRIGRIT in the market place as one of the major role players in the manufacturing of Abrasive Grit Materials for the use in Surface Preparation and Corrosion Protection Applications, Rehabilitation of Slag Dumps and Mineral Separation for both the local and global markets.


One of the major contributors to our success is the expertise which AFRIGRIT has in all areas of operations.

Service Excellence

“AFRIGRIT is an equal opportunity employer with an accredited BBEE rating and ongoing plan of action to achieve our goal of becoming a level 2 contributor.

Ownership is currently 13% black owned with Pat Pick Properties owning the remaining 87%.We have a proposal to sell another 13% to become 26% black owned within the near future.

Our BEE onsite Training Centre ensures that our workforce is skilled and empowered by supplying them with knowledge and it gives them the necessary life, communication and computer skills to help them advance to future managers and leaders in their communities.

Workers participate in learner ships such as the 1 year National Certificate in Freight Handling on NQF level 3 and after successful completion, they are awarded with an official qualification Community development initiatives includes HIV Aids awareness training which are sponsored by AFRIGRIT”

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

We strive to:

Share our Vision and Mission with all our employees.
Educate people.
Ensure the best Quality by measuring our performance.
Know the needs of every customer.

We strive for:

Safety as a way of life.
Environmental awareness.
Addressing problems before it becomes an issue.
Responsibility being accepted for our actions.
Checking the Quality of our work and try to do everything right, the first time.
Helping each other by means of respect, education, guidance and support.

” AFRIGRIT is strategically situated at Ferrobank in Emalahleni/Witbank near the source of our raw materials. “