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Afrigrit will continue to further improve our products to ensure their superiority as we maintain an “open door” policy. Afrigrit operates on a quality system that will soon be ISO listed as we are committed to ensure customer satisfaction.

“We supply a superior product at an affordable price.”

Other products and services:

  • Density Separation: We can recover various ferrous metals through Jigging, Spiraling, Magnetic separation and crushing.
  • Transport Trucks: (6m3 tipper truck; 8 ton Flat deck truck; 30 ton tipper, flat deck truck, 28ton crane truck).

A brief product description

Product Approval Specifications:

The mineral sand abrasive blasting grit mentioned hereunder has been tested and approved according to the following national and international standards:













Swedish Standard

National Association of Corrosion Engineers

American Society for Testing Materials

Steel Structures Painting Council

Saldanha Steel, Specification for Painting & Corrosion Protection

Anglo American Corporation Specification for Corrosion Protection of Steelwork with Coatings

Product Description:

Afrigrit’s superior, sand blasting, abrasive grit: AGT 1, 2 & 3 has been the result of extensive research, intensive investigation and numerous evaluations and analyses conducted by accredited research laboratories.

The grit is a grey angular shaped solid, particulate, which is inert, odorless and is incapable of supporting combustion.

The grit has been graded into the following three sizes (25-45 micron) Superfine AGT 1, (50-85 micron) Fine AGT 2 and (100 +) Medium AGT 3, which suit most abrasive blasting operations.

Product Scope:

AGT 1, 2 & 3 has proved to be a superior product for the following applications:

The removal of:

Mill scale, rust, old paint, tar, epoxy.

Etching into:

Glass, plastics, metals, ceramics, granite.

The cleaning of:

Metal, wood, tin, road surfaces.